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Here you will find a list of Travel Agencies in Bahrain with offers for Cheap Air Tickets & Travel Packages. CLICK on the links below for the best travel packages & rates.
For Discounted Travel Packages Call : +973 16 199 165

Al Rowad Tour and Travels

 Al Fanar Travel - Bahrain  
  Al Fanar Travel is the Bahrain’s leading provider of global travel services and solutions. Established in 1992 as a limited liability company...
  (Hits: 22538)  Tel:
1722 7114 / 1727 7575
 Al Kobaisi Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  It is said that the travel agency is one of the truest reflections of a country’s image which is why passengers around the world have always been happy to book through them.
  (Hits: 21053)  Tel:
+973-1721 2999
 Dadabhai Travel - Bahrain  
  Dadabhai Travel agency provides the best professional travel solutions. We analyze corporate as well as individual requirements and suggest options to suit every need. Gulf Air has signed agreement...
  (Hits: 25164)  Tel:
+973-1722 3181
 Al Bader Travel and Tourism - Bahrain  
  AlBader Travel & Tourism is one of the leading and progressive travel agencies in Bahrain, providing a wide range of travel and travel-related services for inbound and outbound travel.
  (Hits: 18848)  Tel:
+973-1771 00011
 Al Faisal Travel Agency - Bahrain  
  Alfaisal Travels make the best possible effort to ensure hotel bookings that suit the needs and budget of business and leisure travelers.
  (Hits: 3193)  Tel:
1729 1816
 Al Rowad Travel & Tourism - Bahrain  
  With an excellent team of highly trained professionals we have put together countless holiday& Pilgrimage options that one can choose from.
  (Hits: 1748)  Tel:
+973 1768900007
 Al-Mawasim Tourism Services - Bahrain  
  Special tour package to Sri Lanka and other destinations around the world.
  (Hits: 15315)  Tel:
+973-1729 2296
 Asfar Worldwide Hotel Reservations - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 3375)  Tel:
 Atlas Travel & Cargo WLL - Bahrain  
  Atlas Tours is our new branch of operation. The travel consultants here at Atlas Tours will provide a customized package for your tour. If you are planning tour anywhere with your family or private.
  (Hits: 9389)  Tel:
 Flamingo Tours - Bahrain  
  We are one of the leading Gulf based travel agency, offering a wide array of travel services to the Individual tourist, families & groups.
  (Hits: 9640)  Tel:
+973-17 811355
 Forex Travel Bahrain - Bahrain  
  Fores Travels offers Religious,Medical,Business & Regional site seeing tours.Our mission is to create a regional network that provides high quality, satisfying, and creative service to the passengers
  (Hits: 3755)  Tel:
 Golden Class Travel - Bahrain  
  GOLDEN CLASS Travel. We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as full service tour operator &r search portal in travel related requirements. We offer our professional services in all travel...
  (Hits: 2490)  Tel:
1744 00022
 Lagoon Traveling Center - Bahrain  
  Lagoon Travelling Center is a full-fledged travel and tour agency providing a comprehensive range of personalized & creative travel services to both the Corporate and Leisure travelers.
  (Hits: 1624)  Tel:
1603 0366
 Magnum Travel Service - Bahrain  
  SITUATED IN THE DEPARTURE AREA OF BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL IRPORT, it is 100% owned by World Travel Service. Its core business is to provide high standard and professional travel-related services...
  (Hits: 7046)  Tel:
17 321 240
 My Orange Travel - Bahrain  
  Providing a unique and memorable corporate and leisure travel and holiday experience.
  (Hits: 22018)  Tel:
+973-1782 2480
 Omega Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  Omega Travel and Tours is one of the leading Travel Agents in the Kingdom of Bahrain as part of International Omega World Travel brings many additional benefits to our customers.
  (Hits: 11357)  Tel:
+973-1772 5392
 Rumco Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  RUMCO TRAVEL & TOURISM established since 1993 has relocated the office to a more accessible location in the center of Manama.
  (Hits: 9765)  Tel:
+973-3998 0535
 Sehab Travel - Bahrain  
  Sehab Travels offers Religious,Medical,Business & Regional site seeing tours.Our mission is to create a regional network that provides high quality, satisfying, and creative service to the passengers
  (Hits: 7072)  Tel:
 Spectra Travel and Tourism CoWLL - Bahrain  
  Air Tickets – all over the world .
Hotel reservations and Holiday packages – inbound and outbound
Car rentals. Tickets for major events : Eg: Formula I and Travel Insurance.
  (Hits: 1547)  Tel:
 SUHA TRAVEL & TOURS - Bahrain  
  Suha Travel & Tours W.L.L. is privately owned by a reputed mercantile family, recognized and renowned for success and sustainable growth in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The hallmark of our products and ser
  (Hits: 2011)  Tel:
 World Travel Service - Bahrain  
  * Air, sea and land travel, Tours and sightseeing
* Cargo Services, Travel safety programes
* Meet-and-Assist and chauffeur services
  (Hits: 11027)  Tel:
  Specialized in sale of air tickets covering almost all the airlines in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  (Hits: 16563) (N/A)
 Ajwaa Limited Co - Bahrain  
  One of the leading and progressive travel agencies in Bahrain, providing a wide range of travel and travel-related services for inbound and outbound travel.
  (Hits: 12654) (N/A)
 Al Amal Travel, Tours & Cargo Agency - Bahrain  
  Air and Seafreight Import and Export worldwide,documentation and legalization of door pick-up and delivery, warehousing, distribution, crating, etc.,documents, LCL groupage imports and exports,
  (Hits: 13520) (N/A)
  Travel Agency, Travel Advice and Assistance, Tourist Bureau, Tourist Organization; Travel Agency, Travel Advice and Assistance,
  (Hits: 9343) (N/A)
 Al Jazeera Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  Al Jazeera Travel & Tours, Kingdom of Bahrain is offering 24 hours exclusive Hotel & Apartment bookings inside the Kingdom of Bahrain with the most reasonable price and services.
  (Hits: 16901) (N/A)
 Al Malaky Travel - Bahrain  
  Plan your next great vacation with Almanaky. As the world's largest travel agency, we make it easy to get the best prices on flights.
  (Hits: 10849) (N/A)
 Al malaky Travel And Tours - Bahrain  
  Al malaky Travel And Tours Bahrain.Call us to day for all Travel And Tours related requirement.
  (Hits: 1684) (N/A)
 Al Muhanna Travel and Tours - Bahrain  
  A tour operator is never a one that works with the mind, but a one that drills the very soul to explore how, when and where a human could feel relaxed and entertained at the same time.
  (Hits: 8483) (N/A)
 Al Murshed Travel & Tourism - Bahrain  
  Al Murshed Travel & Tourism is a certified International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited member, hence able to issue tickets on any airlines of your choice and also one of Bahrain's...
  (Hits: 11213) (N/A)
 Al Naser Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  If you are finding for the best tour operator in Bahrain its Al Naser Travel & Tours who makes a holiday in Bahrain the ultimate pleasure.
  (Hits: 11492) (N/A)
 Al Nawras Travel & Tourism Agency - Bahrain  
  Travel agencies
  (Hits: 9140) (N/A)
 Al Rahal Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  Travel Agents & Tours
  (Hits: 11662) (N/A)
 Al Salam Travel - Bahrain  
  Travel agents & Tours in Bahrain with special discounts for all your travel needs in Bahrain.
  (Hits: 14244) (N/A)
 Al Shamel Travel & Trourism - Bahrain  
  Alshamel Travel & Tourism, an IATA approved, full-brokerage travel management firm, is further extending its market reach in the Gulf with offices already open in Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, and th
  (Hits: 9196) (N/A)
  Airline Booking & Ticketing | Hotel Reservation | Tour Bookings | Holiday Packages | Meet & Assist Service
  (Hits: 8495) (N/A)
 Al-Muhanna Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  Al-Muhanna has over 10 years of experience in organizing sightseeing tours around the island of Bahrain.
  (Hits: 8051) (N/A)
 Algosaibi Travel - Bahrain  
  One of the leading travel agencies in Bahrain with over 50 years of service in the industry, ALGOSAIBI TRAVEL is proud to be an ambassador to this Island of Golden Smiles.
  (Hits: 11999) (N/A)
 Alkhaja Travel and Tours - Bahrain  
  Your leading travel partner in Hotel reservations in and outside Bahrain, Air Ticket, Car Rentals, Cruises, Aiport pick ups.
  (Hits: 9377) (N/A)
 Alpha Travel & Tours - Bahrain  
  We are your major worldwide Travel Agent.Whatever your destination, we can book your flight
  (Hits: 7651) (N/A)
 AMDC - Bahrain  
  Our comprehensive destination guides will make your travel search easy. Read AMDC Travel’s destination guides for money-saving tips, hotel reviews, attractions, Document Clearing Agents ,Work Visas ,Residency ,Maid Visas plus much more
  (Hits: 4572) (N/A)
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