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Bahrain Doctors listings on this page are General Practitioners and Specialists listed in alphabetical order. Plastic Surgeons : Dermatologists : Dentists : ENT Specialists : Pediatrics (Children) : Neurologists : Obstetrics & Gynecology (OBGYN) : Urology Surgery : General Practice : Child Psychiatry
For a full medical check-up call Middel East Medical Center: +973 17 46 48 48

 International Medical City Hospital - Bahrain  
  Internal Medicine, Cardiology,General Medicine, General Surgery, ENT, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics & Childcare, Dental Care, Physiotherapy, X-Ray & Ultrasound, 24hrs Pharmacy,24hrs Laboratory, 24hrs Emergency.
  (Hits: 12289)  Tel:
+973 17490006
 Wellmed Multi-Speciality Clinic - Bahrain  
  Wellmed is a Multi-Speciality Clinic covering, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy and Sports Medicine, catering to all patient profiles - from Pediatric to Geriatric.
  (Hits: 1232)  Tel:
 ARahman Ghareeb (Dr) Clinic - Bahrain  
  Ear, Nose & Throat Doctors
  (Hits: 7445) (N/A)
 Abduinabi Al Aradi Dr Clinic - Bahrain  
  The Abduinabi Al Aradi Dr Clinic Walk-In Clinic and Emergency Department is manned by a team of experienced doctors and trained nurses..
  (Hits: 7166) (N/A)
 Abdulla Kamal Clinic Dr - Bahrain  
  Medical consultations and health checks can be a worry for some people. This is the very reason why we treats all patients as individuals and values and respects them accordingly.
  (Hits: 6964) (N/A)
 Abdulnabi Abdulla Hussain Alsaif (Dr)clinic - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 5199) (N/A)
 Ahmed Abdulla Ahmed (Dr) - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 5033) (N/A)
 Ahmed S Al Arrayed (Dr) - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 5183) (N/A)
 Al Arrayed Khalil Clinic (Dr) - Bahrain  
  (Hits: 12343) (N/A)
 Bahrain Al Shamil Rehabilitation Centre - Bahrain  
  Bahrain Al-Shamil Rehabilitation Center was founded in 2002 and is located in Al Janousan, Budaiya, next to the country club.
  (Hits: 9500) (N/A)
 Bahrain Gynaecology & Infertility Centre - Bahrain  
  Gynecologist Doctors
  (Hits: 8774) (N/A)
 Bahrain Specialist Hospital - BSH - Bahrain  
  Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  (Hits: 8098) (N/A)
 Doctors & Clinics - Bahrain  
  Doctors & Clinics in Bahrain
  (Hits: 2986) (N/A)
 Dr Wiam Hussein Clinic - Bahrain  
  Diabetes and Endocrinology in Bahrain
  (Hits: 6010) (N/A)
 Dr Abdulla Kamal Clinic - Bahrain  
  Building a personal relationship between doctor and patient goes a long way to minimizing any anxiety. A big part of this can be the waiting times so often associated with tests and screenings.
  (Hits: 6725) (N/A)
 Dr Ebtisam S Kadhem - Bahrain  
  Eye Specialist
Offers FREE consultations to help determine if you're a good candidate for laser vision surgery (LASIK, Custom LASIK and Epilasik).
  (Hits: 7255) (N/A)
 Dr Habib Traif - Bahrain  
  Cardiologists Doctors
  (Hits: 5806) (N/A)
 Dr Shaker K Al Mutawa - Bahrain  
  Consultant Urologist V.D. Infertility & Impotence German Board of Urology Home Page. Associates in Urology, who provide comprehensive urologic care to the community.
  (Hits: 9082) (N/A)
 DrAbdulla Kamal Clinic - Bahrain  
  General Practitioners - Cardiologists
  (Hits: 8130) (N/A)
 DrAbdulsalam Hamza Khashaba - Bahrain  
  Psychiatric Clinic
  (Hits: 7362) (N/A)
 DrAfaf Y Al -Hamer - Bahrain  
  To receive the best healthcare for your needs, consider choosing a doctor who specializes in your particular medical condition...
  (Hits: 6508) (N/A)
  We do Diagnosis and Treatment of :
-Ear,Nose,Throat & Sleep Disease,
Call us: +973 17242288, 24 Hours open
Visit us :
  (Hits: 4769) (N/A)
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