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 Abdulla Ahamed AL Kawaja - Bahrain  
  Famous for women wear, we always come up with stunning summer, eid and winter collection in Bahrain. Abayas for Muslim women are made up with high quality fabric with trendy embroidery on it.
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 Al Hamarni Store - Bahrain  
  Al Hamarni Store,Women's and Girls' Cut and Sew Other Outerwear Manufacturing Women's Abayas,jilbabs,hijabs,skirts,shawls,kurtis,tonics,muslim swimwear. Muslim women clothing Children's, and Infa...
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 Al Saeed Abaya - Bahrain  
  Now you can buy Abaya in styles of Branded Al Saeed Fashion Abayas in Bahrain.These Islamic women clothing for hijab order custom made to your needs,Islamic Head Scarfs, Hijab Accessories for...
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 Al-Ebrahim Stores & Factory - Bahrain  
  As an elegant, sophisticated and independent woman you need a wardrobe that complements your unique personality and sense of style. That’s where we Al-Ebrahim Stores & Factory come in!
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 Bint Al Badeya - Bahrain  
  Bint Al Badeya Fashions create fantastic variety of Islamic clothing, Islamic fashion for Women, art and decor from Silk Route, Visual Dhikr, Aerosol ... FAITH, FUN & FASHION ... Urban...
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 Bu Hassan store - Bahrain  
  Discover the latest hijab fashion and Muslim Women Dresses with Bu Hassan store. Shop for women's jilbabs, shawls, abayas, scarves and more...
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 Bukawara - Bahrain  
  Bukawara fashion boutique offering contemporary designer abayas, jilbabs, hijabs, shaylas, jalabiyas, kaftans, hijab pins & more. Inayah; Islamic clothing for all ...
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 Gulf Abayat Center - Bahrain  
  Gulf Abayat Center brings you elegant Abayas, Jilbabs, and Hijabs as well as stylish modest and Islamic clothing. Exclusive designs made from high quality natural fabrics...
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 Khawaja Adbuihameed Ahmad Mohd - Bahrain  
  Gulf...Abayas,jilbabs,hijabs,skirts,shawls,kurtis,tonics,muslim swimwear... Islamic clothing store and accessories for women and Khawaja Adbuihameed Ahmad Mohd,and its a Bahraini...
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 King Trading Center - Bahrain  
  King Trading Center Bahrain,Abaya Fashion made with shifon,Decorated with golden chain, sparkly crystals and golden crystal brooch. ... Decorated with golden chain, sparkly crystals...
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 Mano De Sabkar Fashion - Bahrain  
  fashion design (casual wear, evening dreeses and weddings, abayas and jalabyas) Plus new baby born collection of bags, beddings, etc...
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 Saleh Alzari Abaya Designs - Bahrain  
  If you don’t see your style or your desired fashion on the website, visit us at our showroom in Yateem Centre for we have on offer over 1000 designs to choose from...
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